How to Prepare for a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do some people ace their job interviews every time? Yes, some people are naturally better than others in interviews, but it’s not luck that when people perform so well at every interview. If you’ve ever wondered how they do … Continue reading How to Prepare for a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

Inside the Hearts (and Minds) of Professionals Everywhere: Top Career Motivators

  Recruiters are modern-day Cupids. Think about it… You spend countless hours wading through profile after profile, mingling at events and sending emails to match prospects and employers. But when you find that perfect prospect, how can you ensure they’ll accept you and your company’s advances? Read more @ Continue reading Inside the Hearts (and Minds) of Professionals Everywhere: Top Career Motivators

Job Searching With Social Media

An infographic released by Career Enlightenment this week depicted the results of several studies of how employers use social networks to recruit. Mediabistro offered these key takeaways: 89% of companies will use social networks to recruit in 2011 45% of companies will use Twitter to find talent, compared to 80% using LinkedIn and 50% using Facebook 65% of companies have hired a candidate found on a social network Source Continue reading Job Searching With Social Media

Job Round-Up

This infographic has been created using information from various sources around the web. The Job Round-Up looks into the wonderful world of employment, giving you details of the best and worst jobs around the globe, including information about the highest paid jobs, the weirdest jobs, the most unpopular jobs and the most dangerous jobs. Did you know, for example, that zombies can earn up to £30k a year? And that the first female police officers were appointed by London Metropolitan? JobZoo was created with the primary purpose of giving young people, school leavers, grads/post grads and first time jobbers the … Continue reading Job Round-Up

Healthcare Careers

Trying to decide on a specific career in the healthcare industry can be tricky!  That’s why we wanted to take some time to outline specific duties and career highlights for particular jobs, so that you can better choose the path that’s right for you.  As always be sure to do your own research, but we hope that this will provide a great foundation for you to start your search!  For more information, please visit our healthcare job descriptions page!   Continue reading Healthcare Careers