40 years of success for the Puy du Fou

40 years of Puy du Fou are an important step in the history of the park. In addition to the many novelties that were launched to celebrate this anniversary, we realized an infographics to take stock of the success of the Puy du Fou. Le Puy du Fou continues to increase its annual visitors to 2.2 million by 2016. But the park owes its success to its team. Indeed, the Puy du Fou workforce has about 3650 volunteers, 1500 seasonal workers and 180 employees, that is more than 5 000 people who support the park every year. It all began … Continue reading 40 years of success for the Puy du Fou

The Plane Facts

  The FHR team have put on their intellectual but trendy goggles to bring you some of the most interesting and fun facts about planes, airline awards, paper planes and more.   We have used some great sources and some of our facts, we think, are really cool! FHR have been serving travellers for over 25 years and offer a range of airport hotels and airport car parks to suit all budgets. We work with a number of well known and reliable companies to ensure that your holiday gets off to a great start. Original Source – http://www.fhr-net.co.uk/blog/2013/10/28/the-plane-facts-infographic-2/ Continue reading The Plane Facts

Numbers Don’t Lie: 31 stats show that Australians are right to be driving on left

  An auto collision can occur anywhere and anytime. While there is no such thing as absolute safety while on the road, there are simple steps you can take to minimize your risk of becoming a statistic. This includes small precautions that you should be doing anyways, such as giving your full attention to driving and being cognizant of road conditions and other motorists. There is also a discussion whether driving on the left or right-handsideoftheroad contributes to more accidents. Currently, 166 countries drive on the right side, compared to 74 that drive on the left. According to statistics, there … Continue reading Numbers Don’t Lie: 31 stats show that Australians are right to be driving on left

Cinema’s Most Famous Hotels

A good quality hotel brings people together, over the years they’ve been used in movies to create intimate getaways for passion and romance and downright suffocating spaces for some of the most prolific thrillers in history. We’ve taken a look at some of the MOST FAMOUS HOTELS in cinematic history, and the stars they hosted Author/ Designer Name:  Gary Greenall, Epiphany Solutions UK Author/ Designer Email:  gary.greenall@epiphanysolutions.co.uk Publisher Name:  HRS Hotels UK Publisher URL:  http://www.hrs.com/uk/ Continue reading Cinema’s Most Famous Hotels

Brits And Their Holidays

    This infographic has been created using information from several sources, including Direct Travel Insurance, the Office for National Statistics, The Telegraph the Association of British Insurers. This infographic in particular depicts key stats and information on British holiday goers, including some facts about staycations, most visited countries and trip costs. Voyager Insurance Services Ltd is an independent insurance company that acts on your behalf in arranging your insurance. Their site includes important information on travel insurance, breakdown cover, hire car access and more.     Continue reading Brits And Their Holidays