Is there really such a thing as a freebie?

If you are a fan of freebies as much as us then you will love this infographic, not only does it explain if what you are getting is actually a freebie, it advises you what to look out for if you are applying for a freebie. WOW Free Stuff have explained this in detail to make sure you don’t get scammed.  Source: Continue reading Is there really such a thing as a freebie?

11 Awesome Data Visualizations Way Ahead Of Their Time

If you love free infographics, you may also be curious about the evolution of informative graphics and other ways to visualize data. Some data enthusiasts and analysts today believe that we can thank modern technology for the “invention” of graphs, charts and similar visual representations of information. However, the fact is that long before the birth of information technology, creative individuals from as far back as antiquity attempted to present the knowledge of the world and available information in an easy-to-understand visual manner. Thanks to these pioneers and their endeavors we can not only better understand the past, we can … Continue reading 11 Awesome Data Visualizations Way Ahead Of Their Time

Tmall Tick Tock: A Singles’ Day Shopping Timeline

“Singles Day” – otherwise known as 11.11 Shopping Festival in China – is now the biggest online shopping day in the world. In 2012, Alibaba Group’s online shopping platforms and Taobao Marketplace recorded sales of more than RMB 19.1 billion ($3.1 billion), which doubled the 24-hour online sales record of $1.5 billion on Cyber Monday in the same year. With China’s e-commerce revenue expected to hit US $539 billion by 2015, more than 20,000 international brands joined this year’s event – Microsoft, Gap, Toys “R” Us, Clarins, etc – to cash in on this shopping storm. Continue reading Tmall Tick Tock: A Singles’ Day Shopping Timeline

Navigating The Trade In Terrain

Smartphone interest is nearing a frenzied level as a host of hot new phones are released, and the battle for dominance between Samsung and Apple is fueling that frenzy. CExchange, has a unique point of view based on their predictive data and insights into the behaviors of customers interested in trading in to trade up. CExchange, the leading provider of electronic trade-in, recycling and asset recovery services, has created an infographic sharing their take on the best strategies for consumers looking to maximize device resale value, and why consumers need to lock in their trade now – before the device … Continue reading Navigating The Trade In Terrain