Love in Quotes and Numbers [Infographic]

It’s never too late to learn more about love. In fact, love is such a vast, undiscovered territory that we can learn new things about it more than one lifetime (if that was possible), but we still wouldn’t truly understand its elusive nature and power. However, that’s not a reason to stop thinking about it and trying to have as much of it as possible. There are only a few things that really matter in life, and love is one of them. We get caught up in unimportant daily struggles and we forget that love, close relationships and friendships don’t fall from the sky: we need to work for them, and when we attain them, we need to nurture them every day.

The following infographic is a fun representation of modern love in pictures, quotes and statistics.

It is supposed to playfully remind you of how big a part love and romance play in our lives, but it also shows that not everything is perfect in this realm. There are many single and perhaps lonely people, lots of failed marriages. Some numbers are disturbing, but some are very optimistic, such as the number of couples that get engaged on Valentine’s, percentage of men who fall in love at first sight, number of love cards sent out every Valentine’s Day, and more. Take a look at “Love and Quotes and Numbers” and have fun discovering new amazing facts about the topic.

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