Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

Discover what you should be doing, and what you shouldn’t be doing on Facebook. The popular social media site can give businesses a massive boost, but if you do it wrong you could find yourself missing out on a lot of business.

From getting that important interactions, to making sure your profile is looking good. There’s lot to think about when it comes to Facebook.

 Facebook Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

You should

Use imagery – posts with photos get loads more engagement, an average of 120% to be precise!
Choose your time – the time that you post matters. Saturdays and Sundays are best for business.
Use video – the most shared posts are ones that have videos, so get that camera out anddddd ACTION.
Gain Engagement – ask questions and get your followers talking! A post that ends with a question gets 162% more interaction on average.
Get Reviews – positive reviews = credibility, and Google will love it too.

You shouldn’t

Get wordy – posts with less than three lines of text usually perform better.
Bulk upload – it usually takes almost 3 hours for a post to get 75% of its interaction, so calm down and space out your posts.
Boost everything – only boost when you’ve got a reason to do it!
Don’t syndicate – Facebook want your posts to be on Facebook, using other networks to share it will reduce your reach.
Ignore people – if someone’s got a problem on your page, ignoring them will only add fuel to the fire. Make sure you ask them to email you and settle the matter privately.

With these simple tips from MiHi Digital, you’ll find your business reaping the rewards of Facebook.

Original  Source: http://www.mihidigital.co.uk/blog/facebook-dos-donts-small-businesses/


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