Navigating The Trade In Terrain


Smartphone interest is nearing a frenzied level as a host of hot new phones are released, and the battle for dominance between Samsung and Apple is fueling that frenzy. CExchange, has a unique point of view based on their predictive data and insights into the behaviors of customers interested in trading in to trade up.

CExchange, the leading provider of electronic trade-in, recycling and asset recovery services, has created an infographic sharing their take on the best strategies for consumers looking to maximize device resale value, and why consumers need to lock in their trade now – before the device releases and everyone else get the same idea.

The CExchange infographic also offers tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls facing those who’ve caught a case of ‘update fever’ and the risks of accepting artificially high offer from a company that doesn’t have right security and recycling processes in place.

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