The recipe for the perfect essay

Writing the perfect essay is not at all as daunting as it seems. Just follow these simple steps:

  •       Get plenty of relevant background information.
  •       Make some time and space, and peace and quiet.
  •       Organize your thoughts.
 The recipe for the perfect essay

The recipe for the perfect essay


Method for Writing a Perfect Essay

Introduction: This is where you summarize the question you’ve been asked and introduce how you intend to proceed.

Argument: This is the main body of the essay and it is where you present a coherent picture of what you want to say. Try to follow a logical progression of thought and try to build your case idea by idea. All essays should be written as though they are addressing someone who knows nothing about the subject and therefore needs everything explained. If you leave out important information the teacher/tutor/examiner won’t think you are doing it because you don’t want to insult her/his intelligence but rather because you simply don’t know it.

Conclusion: This should conclude your argument. It needs to sum up what has been said earlier, highlighting the important points and trying for a concise ending.

Most essays need to have references included. Your teacher/tutor will tell you if there is a specific style of referencing needed e.g. Harvard.


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