How Much Do Students Spend?

how much do students spend INFOGRAPHICS

It’s no secret that many students live on a shoestring.  Stories of them surviving on beans and rice alone are as old as the schools and universities they attend!  The above infographic shows where priorities lie for many students and it’s quite clear it isn’t in their education!

In fact, modern students are all about the technology and looking the part, and they spend a huge chunk of their loans on having the latest in gadgets and fashion.  Of course, they won’t realize the extent of the problem until they graduate and are left with huge, scary student loans to repay!

Are you a student?  If so, does this infographic accurately represent where your money goes?  And, if so, why do you need so many t-shirts?!

Infographic created by Debt Help Scotland – A leading provider of free debt management and solutions.


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